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„Café Hamburg“ started in May 2016.

Café Hamburg is a monthly event dedicated to topics on German-Israeli relations.
Every month we will invite an interesting speaker and discuss various topics.

After the talk and the discussion, you are welcome to stay in order to chat and network with other cool people!

03. Mai 2016

Speaker: Vika Kanar

Café Hamburg – Political/Cultural Café. „Go for Germany in Israel: how Israeli Startups can prepare before hitting the German soil.“

Vika Kanar – PR Expert and Founder of GeekChicTLV
For the first event we are happy to welcome Vika Kanar, Founder at GeekChicTLV – Center for Fashion Entrepreneurship in Israel.
Vika has been working in PR for many years, having several start-ups as customers.
You want
– to know more about German-Israeli start-ups?
– to learn more about PR?
– to know how to work with Germany as a start-up?
– to meet cool young people, who are interested in German-Israeli relations?

01. June 2016

Speaker: Chaya Esther Pomeranz 

Café Hamburg – Political/Cultural Café. „Jewish-Muslim interfaith dialogue.What’s the right way?“

Chaya Esther Pomeranz – CEO of Aringo, Consultant, Public Speaker

This time we want to talk about:
– the challenges of the jewish-muslim dialogue,
– the stereotypes that both groups have,
– whether there hope for better exchange and understanding,
– the challenges and opportunities in Europe and especially in Germany, regarding the new immigration wave
– and more

We invited Chaya Esther Pomeranz. She has been a speaker at the Jewish-Muslim Conference several times.

In the past, Chaya served as Chairperson of the World Union of Jewish Students, WUJS (2012-2014) and founder and President of the Israeli Model UN Association, IMUNA (2010-2012) – Israel’s Model UN Umbrella organization. She was also the founder and first president of BarMUN (2011). Chaya is a Global Shaper. In the past Chaya sat on the boards of AJC’s Global ACCESS Steering Committee, AJC ACCESS Israel, and the World Zionist Organization. Chaya regularly attends and speaks at international conferences and seminars on the topics of Jewish identity, anti-Semitism, Israel, women empowerment, interfaith activity, and working within International environments.

She is the CEO of an Educational Consulting Company, and co-founder of Talepix, a newly launched travel startup. Utilizing her diverse experience in government and non-profit, Chaya currently helps individuals, start-ups and businesses reach their potential by recognizing their unique vantage points in both the Israel and international markets.

 Photo Credit: פוטוסוגסטיה בלוג צילום

26. June 2016

Speaker: Revital Swid

Café Hamburg with Member of Knesset Revital Swid

Revital Swid – Member of Knesset

Revital is a criminal defense lawyer and politician. She currently serves as a member of Knesset for the Zionist Union.

Revital Swid is chair of the Criminal Affairs Division of the Tel Aviv District of the Israel Bar Association. As member of the Labor Party, she was elected to the fourteenth spot on the Zionist Union list for the 2015 Knesset elections.

Revital supports and fights for socioeconomic equality as well as women empowerment. She is also very active in helping new immigrants better adopt in Israel.

We want to discuss with Revital:

– What are the current challenges in the Israeli society from the economic perspective

– What are the challenges for women in the Israeli society in terms of work/family balance

– How she sees the German-Israeli relations

– How can we improve the German-Israeli relation

04. July 2016

Speaker: Wolf Biermann&Pamela Biermann

Café Hamburg mit Wolf Biermann & Pamela Biermann

Finally Free-3
Wolf Biermann&Pamela Biermann

Wolf & Pamela Biermann
Wolf – 1936 in Hamburg geboren. Der Vater, Kommunist und Jude, wurde 1943 in Auschwitz ermordet.1953 übersiedelte Biermann in die DDR. Erste Lieder und Gedichte seit 1960.
Seit November 1965 totales Auftritts- und Publikationsverbot. Wolf Biermann wurde der radikalste Kritiker gegen die Parteidiktatur der DDR. Veröffentlichungen in Westdeutschland.
1976 wurde Wolf Biermann – gegen alle Rechtsnormen – ausgebürgert. Die Ausbürgerung löste eine ungeahnt große Protestbewegung in Ost und West aus. Er kehrt nach Hamburg zurück.
Wolf Biermann wurde mit allen großen deutschen Literaturpreisen ausgezeichnet. Seine Gedichtbände sind unter den meistverkauften der deutschen Nachkriegsliteratur. Er gibt Konzerte in vielen Ländern der Welt und ist bekannt durch seine scharfzüngigen Essays, mit denen er sich provokant in die Tagespolitik einmischt.

Pamela Biermann
wurde 1963 in Hamburg geboren. Nach einer Ausbildung zur Fremdsprachen – Korrespondentin studierte sie Geschichte. Seit Mitte der 80er Jahre ist sie als Literatur und Konzert-Agentin, und als Lektorin tätig.
Als Sängerin trat sie 2012 im Berliner Ensemble erstmals in die Öffentlichkeit. Dem gemeinsamen Liederabend mit ihrem Mann Wolf Biermann folgten zahlreiche, sehr erfolgreiche Konzerte in vielen Städten Deutschlands, der Schweiz und Österreichs, sowie die Veröffentlichung der CD: „Ach, die erste Liebe“. Im Herbst 2016 erscheint eine neue CD, diesmal gemeinsam mit den Free- Jazzern Zentralquartett.
Pamela Biermann ist Gründungsmitglied von „Schotstek“, eine Initiative, die ehrgeizige Kinder von Einwanderungsfamilien fördert. Sie hat, gemeinsam mit WB, drei Kinder.

Mehr Info:
Am 14.10.2016 erscheint Wolf’s Autobiographie

10. October 2016

Speaker: Olga Deutsch

Café Hamburg – The peace Industry



This time we invited the Director of Europe Desk at NGO Monitor – Olga Deutsch.
Olga will talk about the role the civil society plays in bringing about peace, political tourism, NGOs funneling funds to terror organizations, and what can we do about it all.
She recently published a report on European and especially German government funding for NGOs in the Middle East.

Location: Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv, Bar. Next to the Hostel there are several parking places.

18. January 2017

Speaker: Steve Ohana

Café Hamburg – The European crises and the future of Europe


This time we invited the Associate Professor at ESCP Europe
Department of Finance in Paris, Steve Ohana.
Steve will talk about
– how the recent crises changed the EU and Europe
– what influence the global political development had on Europe
– and more
Steve Ohana bublished a book: „Désobéir pour sauver l’Europe“ in 2013.
He is also an expert in fields of: Risk Management and Insurance, Econometrics, Financial Economics.