GIWA is an independent Non-Profit-Organisation that promotes German-Israeli Relations and Women’s Empowerment (R.A 580622157).

It was founded in 2016 by Jenny Havemann.

Our fabulous team:

Jenny Havemann (Founder)

55096618-9507-4037-a7a8-8e96b69fcc12Jenny Judith Havemann was born in Ukraine, moved to Germany at the age of 10 and immigrated to Israel in 2010. She studied in Hamburg and Israel English Linguistics, Literature and History and has worked as a German teacher and in several political organizations in Israel. During her study at the Bar-Ilan University, she participated in the Model UN Association and a Public Diplomacy Workshop. Already from the age of 18, Jenny was involved in the Jewish community in Germany, dealing with political and cultural projects as a board member of a Jewish Student organization and a head of the Jewish Youth Centre in Hamburg. She is writing a blog with her husband in German and is a mother of two boys.


Maja Schumann

IMG_20161230_141613 2.jpegMaja Schumann joined GIWA as an associate in 2017 and has been based in Berlin before moving to Tel Aviv in 2013. She holds a BA in Economics and has an international and versatile professional experience in Public Relations, Event Management, Tourism and Travel Management, Export Management and Customer Relationship Management. Currently Maja is specializing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship as part of her International MBA studies at Tel Aviv University.

Katharina Witt

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Katharina Witt was born in Bavaria, in the south of Germany, and currently lives in Tel Aviv. She followed a Teacher Training Program in French and Latin Literature and Linguistics at the University of Regensburg and holds a supplementary degree in teaching German as foreign language. During her studies she lived in Paris for one year, where she worked as a German teaching assistant and completed an internship at the Maison Heinrich Heine, an international culture institute. There she organized events with French and German authors, politicians and musicians and was involved in the planning of different artistic projects, such as exhibitions and theatre performances. Katharina is committed to cultural mediation and strengthening intercultural understanding through language. She joined GIWA in 2017 to support GIWA’s German education centre “Taka-Tuka-Land”.

Ramona Buggenthien


Ramona was born in Lübeck, Germany. After completing her high school degree she spent two years living in Madrid where she gained an international apprenticeship. She returned to North Germany to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Romance Studies and Business Administration and pursued her career in the Music and Media industry. Ramona is fluent in English and Spanish and since moving to Israel last year is studying Hebrew at a private school in Tel Aviv.

Christin Zühlke


Christin was born in a village in Thuringia, in the center of Germany, and is living in Tel Aviv since November 2014. She is currently finishing her Masters degree in Jewish Studies and Philosophy and has a Bachelor in Philosophy and German Literature and Linguistics. She is interested in political-historical and cultural education, and had participated in many projects in different organizations and museums as well as internships in international institution, such as Yad Vashem, the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Goethe-Institute in Berlin. In her last role, before moving to Israel, she was the leader of the Museum of the Death Marches at the Belower Wald. In addition, she worked in the field of PR at the press office of the Hochschule for Jewish Studies Heidelberg. In this job she co-edited the in-house magazine and was involved in organizing events.

Laura London

13906887_10153828526896538_6316324887988043290_nLaura was born in Berlin, Germany and grew up in the windy north, in Hamburg. After she finished high school, she moved to Israel to get her Bachelor’s degree in Communications. After graduation in 2014 and 4 years in Israel she moved to New York to get her Master’s degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at New York University. Now, she is GIWA’s PR and Communications professional.

Evelyne Schwarz


Evelyne Schwarz was born in Passau, a small city in the south of Germany, and did her Bachelor’s degree in International Cultural and Business Studies at the university there. During her time at the university, she worked with refugees from the Middle East and was involved in the organization of a “Festival contre le Racisme” (festival against racism). She came to Tel Aviv in September 2016 to study the international MA in Security and Diplomacy Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Mona Grotheer


Mona Grotheer was born in Hamburg and has been living in Tel Aviv since 2013. She holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz as well as a Master’s degree in National Security Studies from Haifa University and has been working in the field of strategic communication in Germany and Israel. Cooperating with Israeli and German practitioners from the field of national security over several years, she has been involved in the efforts of the Institute of National Security Studies (INSS), International Intelligence History Association (IIHA) and the IDF magazine “Israel Defense”.

Learning from Israel’s Experience

Interview with Former President of the BND, Ernst Uhrlau